We have been involved in this amazing industry and have been a part of the NPC since 1989. After promoting our first NPC event in 1991, we knew that event promotion would be a large part of our future.

Combining our knowledge, accomplishments within the sport, and our love for promoting and the athletes who compete – we created Mayhem Promotions. For us, it is an honor to have the opportunity to promote events that showcase incredible athletes throughout our Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas NPC District – and we are fortunate to have met so many fantastic and inspiring people throughout our years of promoting. Our primary goal has always been to put the spotlight on the athlete; making them comfortable and creating a positive/competitor friendly atmosphere, by treating them like the stars they are. By producing a competitive experience that will last in their memories, long after the show has ended, we have built a reputation as caring promoters with very efficient, well run events.

Since 1989, we took notes from every competition we competed in or attended and over the years, have created a recipe for success with our promotions. Kim and I strive to ensure each athlete has the best experience possible, and are treated like winners – no matter what placement they receive. Custom medallions, created by Kim herself, letting each and every athlete pose and be presented in the evening finals no matter how large the event, providing a caring and helpful expedition and event staff, great guest posers, and our famous pizza & desert spread at the finals of all our events, are just a few examples of the effort and personal touches we put into every one of our promotions.

Without the athletes, there would be no shows. For us, the athletes are the stars and they will always be treated as such! Catering to the needs of the athletes, making them feel special, always being available to help them, and creating the most positive competitive atmosphere and experience possible, is our way of saying “thank you” to the athletes for their patronage and support of the NPC and of our promotions!